Help us help others (and maybe you)

CLO is a grassroots network of people from across America and around the world working together to help disaster victims locate their family members and friends when they need them most. Here's how you can help us:


Your donation will support our free service and help provide it to anyone who needs it when a disaster hits. We do not spend any money on fund-raising.

Sponsor us

If you represent a company or foundation, you can sponsor us by providing general funding and specific resources to increase the availability of our services in the US and overseas. Please let us know if you can help with:

  • General corporate sponsorships
  • Toll-free minutes
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Other telephony resources, including DIDs

Give your time, inspiration, and perspiration

We rely on experienced volunteers to help achieve our mission. If you'd like to pitch in, contact us here.

  • Marketing & PR
  • Asterisk, PHP, SQL, and general programming skills
  • IVR and text to speech experience
  • Web design

If you're in or near a disaster area, tell people about CLO

1) Print out, copy and distribute the CLO flyer to as many affected people as possible. Take the flyer in to shelters and social services. The more people that know about CLO, the more people we will be able to reconnect with their families and friends.
2) E-mail, fax, or bring in a copy of our latest press release to the local media in your area - newspapers, radio, television, internet.